Top 10 most followed playlists on Spotify 2022

Here are the ten most followed playlists around the world on Spotify as of February 2022.

Spotify’s Today’s Top Fans proves that you’re the biggest fan of the most popular artists in the world

Based on the playlist Today’s Top Hits, Today’s Top Fans shows how many times and when you first discovered the biggest artists on Spotify.

Spotify’s biggest playlist Today’s Top Hits gets a rebrand and reveals the latest stats

Spotify shows off the rebrand and mond boggling numbers of the most popular playlists on the streaming service.

Spotify’s top playlist now has 25 MILLION followers

Spotify’s playlists are giant and Today’s Top Hits just hit a major landmark that shows Spotify Playlists cannot be ignored. Today’s Top Hits is Spotify’s flagship playlist among thousands of massive collections of music with…