Top 10 most-streamed artists on Spotify – artists with the most monthly listeners in 2022

The most popular artists worldwide as of March 2022. Spotify’s monthly listeners give us a clear view of currently popular artists.

We recently looked at the most followed artists on Spotify, but who are the top streamed artists? Monthly listeners are publicly displayed on the profiles of all artists. Still riding high from his new album, and with a stadium tour just announced for 2022, The Weeknd currently tops the chart with just under 80 million monthly listeners, with Justin Bieber close behind in second place.

The most-streamed female artist is currently Dua Lipa, with over 66 million monthly listeners. Coldplay are the most-streamed band, with 57.3 million monthly listeners.

To see which artists have peaked over time, check out this Wikipedia article for a full breakdown of the stats. For a look at the most popular musicians since the birth of streaming, check out Spotify’s most-streamed artists of all-time here.

The number one most streamed artist on Spotify

1. The Weeknd

79.6 million monthly listeners

1 Justin Bieber

2. Justin Bieber

77.8 million monthly listeners

3. Ed Sheeran

77.5 million monthly listeners

4. Dua Lipa

66.5 million monthly listeners

The number ten most-streamed artist on Spotify 2022

5. Taylor Swift

57.5 million monthly listeners

Coldplay's Spotify artist profile picture

6. Coldplay

57.3 million monthly listeners

The number nine most streamed artist on Spotify

7. Imagine Dragons

56.7 million monthly listeners

The number eight most-streamed artist on Spotify 2022

7. Adele

56 million monthly listeners

9. Doja Cat

55.7 million monthly listeners

10. Eminem

54.9 million monthly listeners

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Top 10 most-streamed artists of all-time on Spotify in 2022

Rather than Spotify’s monthly listeners, we take a look at the all-time streams of every track from artists’ catalogues.

How much money have the top 10 artists earned on Spotify in 2022?

A rough calculation of the figures some of the most-streamed artists have earned on the music streaming platform to date.


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