Sites such as, Linkfire, Linktree and offer tools specifically designed to improve your artist campaign’s effectiveness. One platform offers great features, in-depth statistics and a clean interface at an unbeatable price.

1. is RouteNote’s partner site, dedicated to offering artists and labels unique marketing tools. These tools are available to RouteNote and non-RouteNote artists. currently offer three key features, with more to come.

Fan Links give you a single landing page for all of the places your music lives. Share one link and fans can easily buy, stream and like your new music. Your landing page and links are fully customizable. Have the page appear as you wish and link to literally anywhere.

Pre-Saves share links to your music before it goes live. This allows fans to save music, so it instantly appears in their library come release day.

Content Unlocks rewards fans for social actions. Give fans exclusive access to free media in exchange for a subscribe, follow, like, share, etc.

Detailed statistics give you in-depth, live, engagement insight.

All features and statistics are available to everyone for free. 30 Fan Link Campaigns, 1 Pre-save Campaign and 10 Content Unlocks. Upgrade to a Premium Plan for just £4.99/month and get unlimited access to everything.

2. Linkfire

Linkfire gives you access to features such as smart links and pre-saves, but free tools offered at cost considerable amounts with Linkfire.

Starter accounts for $10/month gives you access to smart links. This allows you to link out to destinations such as stores and streaming services. However, destinations are limited, custom links and logos are unavailable, and destinations are only reorderable with a Pro account for $25/month.

Pre-saves are only available to those with a Business account. Business accounts start at $50/month.

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3. Linktree

Linktree is designed for linking to multiple social pages with one landing page. Free accounts will give you one page, no custom URL, no title, no link thumbnails, background choice is limited to 9 colours, and very limited statistics are available. PRO accounts are $6/month, this will allow you to add link thumbnails, a background image and statistics. Unfortunately only one landing page is available per free or PRO account. Should you wish to create a new PRO campaign, a new subscription is required.

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4. TuneCore – TuneCore Social

The next two choices come from services within distribution companies.

TuneCore’s Social plans give its users social media management features.

With a Social Pro account, you can create linkShares – a similar feature to Fan Links. TuneCore Social Pro accounts cost an additional $7.99/month on top of standard distribution costs.

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5. CD Baby – is CD Baby’s partner site dedicated to providing music marketing tools.

This gives users features such as pre-saves and social unlocks – a similar feature to Content Unlocks.

Pre-saves are only available with Gold, Platinum or Enterprise accounts. Gold accounts cost $39/month and only allow for 5 active campaigns, Platinum accounts are $99/month and allow 15 active campaigns. For more active campaigns, Enterprise accounts are available on request for an unspecified amount.

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