Music marketing companies need to provide artists and labels with unique features, beautiful user interfaces and in-depth stats at a low cost. One site does that better than all the rest.

1. gives all users three features with more to come. Fan links, pre-saves and content unlocks.

Fan Links

Fan links solves the issue that is “how do I share my music to everyone using different stores and streaming services?”

With one custom URL, provide your fans with the home to all your stores, streaming services, social profiles, and with custom links, literally anywhere else. Titles, images, order, logos and text is fully customizable to all users.


Pre-saves on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer give fans saveable links to your music before it’s released. Come release day, your music will appear on their library automatically. Once again, stylize the design the way you want. Everything is customizable.

Content Unlocks

Content unlocks allow you to reward fans in exchange for social actions. With a tweet on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube or share on Facebook, fans get access free exclusive content or prizes.

Content Unlocks - step 11

You choose the social actions and how many actions must be taken. Choose between a downloadable file reward (such as audio, images or anything else) or a secret message (such as coupon codes, secret URLs or anything else).


In-depth statistics provide you with invaluable individual breakdowns regarding visits, conversions, success rate and service providers, down to the hour.


All of this is totally free of charge for ever. Upgrade to Premium to get unlimited access to all of the above for just £4.99/month. Pricing

2. Linkfire

Linkfire offer features such as smart links and pre-saves. However features are very limited without handing over serious money.

Linkfire fan link

Choose your service from their limited list and enter the destination URL. No custom links or customisable logos. Destinations are re-orderable once you up your membership to a ‘Pro’ account for $25/month.

Pre-saves are available with Linkfire, but only with business accounts, starting at $50/month.


Starter $10/month
  • Unlimited smart links
  • Basic domain management
  • Standard insights
  • Streaming insights
  • Single user license
  • Learning center
Pro $25/month
  • All features included in Starter, plus:
  • Service order customization
  • Custom domain management
  • Email support

See our direct comparison between and Linkfire

3. Linktree

Linktree offer a one stop landing page for all of your social pages. However customization is limited to the below example without upgrading to a PRO account for $6/month.


With a free account, you are limited to the following: no title/URL (only your username), no custom stores logos, 9 background colours (no image upload) and virtually no statistics. Regardless of free or pro, creating another landing page for a new campaign requires creating a whole new account and subscription.


PRO $6/month
  • Link thummbnails
  • Analytics
  • Custom background

See our direct comparison between and Linktree