Help your links stand out from others by adding a custom background image into your links. With’s new Premium feature, you can personalise your link further than ever before.

Mixing up things between your feature image and background image helps your links stand out. They’re visually more exciting as they have more to offer. Whether you’re creating a Pre-save for your next album, a Fan Link to promote your tracks, or a Reward Link to widen your audience, you can add your own stamp by changing your background image. Remember, you will need to upgrade your account to access this feature.

Custom background Fan Link example

What does a custom background do?

A custom background allows you to add your own image to your links. All links created through can be personalised in multiple ways. The newest way being of course, adding in a custom background. A custom background sets your links apart from the rest. Only you will have that set feature image and background image combination.

You’re able to add another element to your look. If you’re an artist who is heavy on branding or your artist image, adding in a background allows you to share your style even more. You could include one artist image as your feature image and then another within the background.

Simmerdown custom background Fan Link example GIF

Or, perhaps you want to include your album artwork as the feature image, but then add an artist image to your background. Whichever way you decide to go, you’re able to put a unique stamp on your landing pages. Up until now, your background has been decided based upon your feature image.

Previously, any image you selected to be your feature image would then be blown up and blurred to be placed as a background image. But, now, you’re able to make your link pop. If your feature image is dark, why not add in a bright background to bring some vibrancy to your link?

Why are custom backgrounds useful to artists?

Custom backgrounds allow artists to express themselves fully. Rather than being limited to one image, you’re able to show multiple sides to your art. As mentioned previously, perhaps you want to include some artist images, while also including your album artwork. You can do exactly that by upgrading your account.

People’s eyes are drawn to colour and images. So, the more images you have included, the more eye-catching your landing page becomes. Having an enlarged blurred version of your album artwork can add an edgy effect to your content. However, being able to include a second image that represents you and isn’t blurred, could make the world of difference.

Pre-save example with custom background shown on both a smartphone and a tablet.

Often it’s hard to pick just one image. If you’re an artist who often does promotional shoots, or creates branding material – you might want to share this. Why not give your audience a snippet of what can be found on your social channels? It could encourage them to follow you over on those platforms.

With PUSH, you can update your links as often as you like. This means, one link can essentially last forever. If you’re creating a Fan Link but wanting to update the artist imagery every now and again, you’re able to update your links without needing to create a new one.

You can add a custom background to any link style. Therefore, your Pre-saves, Fan Links, and Reward Links can all be different to each other. Once you’ve upgraded your account, you’ll also be able to access features like Competition too. This will really benefit you, as everyone loves being in with the chance of winning!

Where can you add a custom background?

A custom background can be added to any PUSH link. This is providing you have upgraded your account of course. Once you have a Premium account you can create unlimited links. Each link you create you’re then able to easily add your own background.

When creating a Pre-save you have the option to turn on automatic Fan Link creation. This means, once your music has gone live and therefore a Pre-save is no longer relevant, your fans will be redirected to your Fan Link. They will then be able to select their preferred store from the list you’ve included.

Bio Link example with custom background on a tilted laptop

If you decide to turn on automatic Fan Link creation, then your background image will be copied across. Of course, as mentioned previously, your links can always be updated. So, if you decide you want your Fan Link to be different from your Pre-save, then you can do this easily!

Why not create a different background for each of your links? You could add in a new image each time you create one. With a Premium account, your links are unlimited. So, the choices really are endless. Alternatively, you might decide you want a theme. Perhaps you could create one strong, powerful artist background and have this run throughout every link you create!

How much does it cost to upgrade?

Upgrading to Premium with only costs $5 per month. When you think about it, that’s less than the price of a coffee quite often. Consider all the extra perks you get, and it’s a no brainer. After all, getting the most out of your marketing is what all artists want, right?

Your marketing is what gets your name out there. Without marketing yourself correctly, no one will be able to discover you. The best way to be seen is to make people notice you. Get yourself the right exposure and don’t stop until people learn of your name.

PUSH pricing tiers

You’re not tied into a contract with PUSH. So, if you decide you want the Premium account one month, but not the next, you can cancel it. You’re free to choose as and when you require Premium features. However, it’s important to note, if you cancel the Premium plan, you will lose the perks.

This means your background image will return to normal. Instead of being a custom background, you’ll instead have your links revert to including your feature image within your background. You will also lose access to extra features such as Competitions and Facebook Pixel.

For just $5 a month, you could take your marketing to the next level. Make a name for yourself and design landing pages that are effective. The more personalised features you have access too, the more you can put your own artist spin on your links.

Important things to note

There are a few things to be aware of when deciding to add your own custom background image. To get the most out of this feature, and also ensure your landing pages look sleek it’s important you follow these suggestions. Otherwise, it could lead to slow loading times, or your background images not working correctly.

  • You can only upload PNG or JPG files to your background.
  • If you downgrade your account, your background will revert to your feature image artwork.
  • If you then later re-upgrade, your background image will be automatically re-added.
  • All backgrounds will be cropped to each individual’s screen view. I.e. those with smaller smartphone screens will see less of your background than someone on a desktop.
  • High quality images are best, however be aware of loading times. Large files could slow your page down.
  • This is a Premium feature only.
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