TikTok are gamifying audiences to get them engaged with music more, beginning with the world’s biggest artist.

TikTok has launched an innovative, in-app experience celebrating Taylor Swift’s record-breaking “The Eras Tour”. This first-of-its-kind initiative offers a glimpse into how TikTok is revolutionising artist promotion and fan engagement.

The new experiences gamify TikTok for Swifties. Each week, fans can complete album-themed tasks to unlock exclusive profile frames and digital “friendship beads”. The experience will also feature video highlights from tour stops and playlists aligned with each week’s album theme.

@musicontiktok Calling all Swifties! ✨ Celebrate the record-breaking #TSTheErasTour ♬ original sound – MusicOnTikTok

Swift is currently on the most profitable music concert tour ever. Her Eras tour has been a huge global phenomenon and TikTok are converting some of the hype into their app experience. Dedicated app experiences can help to strengthen the connection between artists and fans.

It’s a logical choice for the current world’s biggest artist to gain an interactive experience on TikTok. Billie Eilish recently launched a brand new feature, Fan Spotlight, on TikTok, as well as her own interactive challenges. The gamification of music on Spotlight helps to grow engagement; it will be interesting to see if they provide availability further, to more artists than the world’s top.

TikTok have been pushing music promotion on their platform to another level this year. Following conflicts with major label Universal Music Group, they signed a new deal which contained an agreement to provide “new promotional and engagement opportunities”.

The Taylor Swift experiences are yet another example of TikTok’s increased focus on music. We will likely see more opportunities for music promotion on TikTok as the year progresses.

All artists can upload their music to TikTok for free. When you upload your music to TikTok’s content library, creators around the world can use your music in their videos. This offers artists the potential to go viral or get discovered when used in TikTok trends.

All artists with music on TikTok can also now make use of TikTok’s new artists accounts, to boost your presence on the platform.

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