TikTok Artist Accounts are your new hub on the world’s favourite short video platform, deepening your connection with fans and new listeners.

Now it’s here, you won’t believe it hasn’t always been there. TikTok Artist Accounts are the new home for artists with their music on TikTok.

These brand new pages are unique to each artist. They offer more ways to promote music and connect fans whilst empowering listeners with easier ways to discover and share music.

TikTok Artist Accounts are now available for every artist or musician with music on TikTok. If your music isn’t already on TikTok, find out how you can upload for free.

TikTok’s Global Head of Music Partnerships and Programming, Paul Hourican said: “With the introduction of the Artist Account, we are proud to further empower artists by providing them with the tools they need to reach new heights on TikTok.

“Alongside new features like Add To Music App, we’re seeing how these features can deepen engagement whilst creating unique opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite artists in meaningful ways, driving music discovery on the platform.”

Let’s explore what you get with a TikTok Artist Account!

Stand out with Artist tags

A new tag is proudly pinned to your profile saying ‘Artist’. Appearing beneath your handle, this tag signifies to the community that you’re an artist with music on TikTok.

You will be eligible for this tag once you have uploaded 3 releases to TikTok.

Image credit: TikTok

Push your new releases

The New Release tool allows you to highlight your new track for up to 14 days before release and 30 days after it’s released. The New Release tag also highlights fresh music to users when they explore TikTok’s catalogue.

This helps creators connect with the latest music and promotes your tracks to users.

Image credit: TikTok

Your very own Music Tab on TikTok

With a TikTok Artist Account, you’ll gain a place on your page for all your songs. Your Music Tab presents all of your uploaded music for viewers and creators to explore and discover.

This tab will automatically update with your new releases, ensuring your whole catalogue is there and boosting listens and your music’s use in videos. You do not need to be verified or have a particular number of followers to get your Music Tab. You will need at least one song uploaded to TikTok.

Image credit: TikTok

Enhance your visibility and views with By Artist

Promote your own videos to increase engagement with the By Artist feature. This pins one of your own videos to the top of the discovery page on your songs.

It’s a fantastic way to drive views on your own content as well as connecting with the people who’ve fallen in love with your songs.

Image credit: TikTok

Take your fans Behind the Song

Share your story and take listeners on a journey behind your tracks. Behind the Song is tagged to the top of your songs page allowing listeners to explore your song in greater depth.

Cat Burns, an artist who’s featured in the images of TikTok’s new Artist Account features, said: “Behind the Song has really helped me  connect with core fans, and it helps people that maybe don’t know me as well understand my songs better too.

“My songwriting is often inspired by things I’ve been through, and I often post bits of my writing as and when I’m inspired. Behind the Song helps me tie everything together and make clear what I was thinking and feeling at the time I wrote it.”

Image credit: TikTok

How to get your TikTok Artist Account

Once your music is live on TikTok’s catalogue and ready for use in creators’ videos you can get your Artist Account. To get your music on TikTok for free, simply sign up to www.routenote.com.

Once you have uploaded music to TikTok with RouteNote, open this link on mobile. TikTok are expanding Artist Accounts to territories around the globe so stay tuned if it’s not available for you just yet.

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