TikTok’s new feature spotlights fan videos from the artists themselves and debuts with global superstar Billie Eilish.

TikTok‘s new Fan Spotlight feature brings an incredible new opportunity for artists to highlight their fanbase. The feature gives artists the power to spotlight the fan videos that they love the most from the music tab.

Fan Spotlight gives music lovers an incredible chance to reach a massive new audience whilst connecting with their favourite artists. It also offers artists a new way to explore the impact their music has and to give something back to the people who put them where they are.


Hey artists 🌟 Fan Spotlight is here! Pin your favorite fan videos and refresh your TikTok profile easily in just 3 clicks! Let your fans know you're vibing with their content ❤️

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When artists spotlight a video, the creator will receive a notification. Their video will be pinned to the top of the artist’s music tab for up to a week, offering a huge chance for recognition and views. After 7 days, the artist can pin new videos to their music tab.

Fan Spotlight is now available for all artists on TikTok

Billie Eilish promotes her audience with TikTok Fan Spotlight

Billie Eilish debuted the new feature with to celebrate the release of her new album ‘HIT ME HARD AND SOFT’. Eilish launched a “TikTok takeover” that saw her promote fans through Fan Spotlight, as well as many more unique promotions on TIkTok.

A fan-exclusive icon is one of a number of unique access points for a Billie Eilish hub. By searching her name and track titles from the new album, fans can also find themed animations for the album. Take part in challenges and fans can unlock exclusive artwork as well as the chance to feature in the #HITMEHARDANDSOFT takeover.

These efforts see TikTok push the presence of music and artists on their platform. With 85% of TikTok videos featuring music, it is an integral part of their platform. Late last year, TikTok unveiled Artists Accounts which brought a whole bunch of new opportunities for artists and control over their presence on TikTok.

Following a brief dispute with Universal Music Group, TikTok has redeveloped their relationship with the label, promising “new promotional and engagement opportunities”. As TikTok develop the tools they have on offer for artists on their social platform, find new ways to enhance your artist presence on TikTok from our guide below:

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