Image credit: Leon Bublitz

If someone has used your likeness or is parodying your music, here’s how you can respond to get it removed.

AI has become prolific on the internet. Whilst there are many valuable tools enhancing the creative workflow coming from it, there is another side to AI.

Many AI generators are being notoriously trained on the copyrighted content of artists. That means that it is possible to replicate the sound of many artists’ music and even to recreate the vocal qualities of singers.

If you find content on YouTube that has been generated by AI and replicates your music without consent, there are steps you can take to ensure it is removed. YouTube are expanding their privacy request process to allow users to request the removal of content that simulates their voice or recreates their likeness.

To request the removal of content that has replicated your image or voice, use YouTube’s privacy request process here.

YouTube state: “When evaluating these requests, we’ll consider a variety of factors before removal, like whether the content is altered or synthetic and could be mistaken for real, whether the person making the request is identifiable, or whether the content is parody or satire when it involves well-known figures.”

For creators who receive a privacy complaint, it won’t automatically result in a strike. This is because privacy violations are separate from Community Guidelines strikes.

You can find more information about what would warrant a privacy complaint on YouTube via their Help Center.