Image Credit: The Needle Drop

An AI Created By The Pudding Will Comically Judge Your Music Taste.

The people at The Pudding have created a judgemental AI that scans through your Spotify library and passes comedically has judgement upon your music taste. Remember when you cast judgement on your followers during Spotify Wrapped? Well now it is coming back round and onto you, your musical superiority will now be questioned. No one is safe, not the grime heads, indie heads or pop heads, no one! This AI will ruthlessly drag your music taste through the dirt and humiliate you. It’s absolutely brilliant! 

The AI is currently one of r/indieheads top performing posts and has already come up with some brilliant judgements, our favourites are as follows: 

  • romcom-trailer-music bad
  • music-to-stalk-boys-to bad
  • stan-army-lieutenant bad
  • masters-in-creative-writing bad
  • your-gen-z-is-showing bad
  • Your spotify was bon-iver’s-impact-cottagecore-africa-on-touchtunes bad.
  • Your spotify was music-to-thrift-shop-to-eyeliner-and-screaming-sitting-alone-in-the-cafeteria bad.
  • Thank your obsessions with The National, Emo, and The Cure for that.
  • Based on your listening habits, I can also tell you your spotify was…
  • crying-during-sex bad
  • probably-voted-for-a-fictional-character bad
  • punk-with-grandchildren bad
  • keeping-kylie-rich-by-buying-travis-scott-meals bad
  • 80s-dweeb bad

The site is currently facing some issues as only a certain amount of Spotify libraries can be accessed at one time. Keep refreshing though and you should face your musical judgement. be warned though, the AI will go for the jugular.