Sonos are expanding your TV experience with their most affordable soundbar yet giving you a powerful, quality sound for all your entertainment needs at a cost you’ll be willing to part with.

The Sonos Beam is the second TV soundbar from the beloved, connected speaker makers and their third accompaniment for your entertainment setup. The Beam offers their cheapest option yet but by no means loses the quality that we’ve come to expect from Sonos.

Whilst the Beam comes in at £300/$300 cheaper than their previous Playbar and Playbase speakers at just £300/$300, Sonos claim this is their “most advanced soundbar”. The Beam is small enough to fit under most modern TVs but it’s excellent design means that no matter how large or small the space your room is filled with a crisp and powerful sound that enhances your viewing experience.

Being a Sonos speaker the Beam is totally connected and you can link it up to any other Sonos speakers you have for a surround sound experience or take it to multiple rooms around your house. Listening to a great documentary but want to carry on listening whilst you prepare a meal? Link it up to a Sonos speaker in your kitchen – the networked Beam provides hundreds of opportunities for a new multimedia experience.

The new soundbar is built with less amplifiers than the Playbar which features 9 and the Playbase which features 10 but it’s full-range woofers and tweeters provide the same level of quality audio. It also comes with enhancements for an even greater experience such as Night Sound which allows you to listen clearly without waking your house and Speech Enhancement which makes dialogue crisper.

With the recent addition of Amazon Alexa voice control to newer Sonos speakers you can control your sound by speaking to the Beam. You can of course also control it with the traditional option of using your phone, AirPlay or your choice of music service’s app.

Find out more and get a Beam for yourself from the Sonos website here: