Alexa is going to take control of all of your favourite smart speakers and sound systems with all new custom EQ settings letting you shout how you want it to sound.

Amazon’s Echo speakers are the favourite for smart home speakers because they’re quality, affordable, and packed full of functions and features. Amazon are always adding new features and updates to their Echo speakers and their lauded, built-in Alexa AI so that they keep on improving and getting better. Their latest addition will please audiophiles who love listening with the ease of their Alexa assistant.

Alexa has just gotten an equaliser feature which lets you talk to Amazon’s intelligent AI and tell her how you want the sound optimised. You can personalise the tone of any Alexa connected speakers including your Echo speaker setup, Sonos speakers, and other systems running on Amazon’s powerful artificial intelligence. It’s as easy saying: “Alexa, crank up the bass,” “Alexa, turn up treble,” or “Alexa, set TV mode.”

A select number of Alexa-enabled devices have had the EQ function added already but Amazon will release integrated equaliser control through the AVS SDK. Sonos have integrated mode control features into their latest TV soundbar the Sonos Beam whilst Sound United’s recently launched Polk Command Bar has had band and mode control implemented into their Alexa control.

Polk Audio’s brand director, Michael Greco says: “Consumers want simplicity and performance from their audio products. By adding the EQ API and Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to the Polk Command Bar, our consumers can control sound bar functions like setting or changing sound modes (e.g. Movie, Music, Night, and Sport), bass volume, and volume levels with just their voice. It also simplifies the installation and setup process and makes the value proposition of the Polk Command Bar stronger than before.”

The EQ settings will work no matter whether you’re partying with music, watching something on TV, listening to podcasts, or anything else. So if you’re switching from a bass-heavy sesh with some dance tunes for a party, you will have to readjust the EQ if you want neutral settings so you can wind down with a film afterwards.

Voice-controlled EQ settings will roll out to Echo devices in the next few days however only those in the US will have access to the function straightaway.