With a huge range of brands and styles it can be hard to choose the perfect electro-acoustic so we have put together this comprehensive guide to the best 5 electro-acoustic guitars you can buy for under £1000.

Martin 000X1AE (£650)

This stunning Martin has been a go to for beginner guitarist’s looking to spend some money on a really great guitar for years. With a price range starting at around £650, this martin is an absolute bargain for what you receive. The 000X1AE is part of Martin’s entry level X Series sitting around the middle of the price bracket for the series.

I’ve personally owned this guitar for a couple of years, I use it for every gig I do and every recording session. It’s reliable, sounds amazing both acoustic and plugged in and is generally strong and usable in all areas. I couldn’t recommend any guitar more than this one. The sound resonates perfectly in every setting and the guitar itself is easy to play and very comfortable.

This guitars features include;

  • Built in Fishman pick-up
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Small Body Design
  • Modified Low Oval Neck Shape


Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium (£800)

This guitar is an excellent example of what money can buy with an astonishingly great sound, a beautiful style and look. The 114ce comes in on price around £800 and is a prominent seller amongst the electo-acoustic market. This guitar is the cut away edition of the highly reviewed Taylor 100 Series and with a very fair price, you would be mad not to consider it as a big competitor.

Bryn, a fellow Routenote employee and proud owner of the Taylor 114ce said “The action and play-ability is just as good as the hype you hear about Taylor’s. It’s a very comfortable and addictive guitar to play. As someone that loves the sound of an acoustic, usually pick ups on acoustic’s sound like nails scratching a chalkboard to me, however Taylor’s pickup sounds really good.”

This guitars features include;

  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Walnut Back and Sides
  • Tropical Mahogany Neck
  • Taylor Expression System 2 Pick-ups


PRS SE 2018 Angelus A50E Cut Away (£800)

Now, PRS aren’t the first name you would think of when it comes to acoustic guitars, they are well known for eye catching electrics and a rock star status, but they have filled my wildest dreams with this brand new acoustic. The pure crisp sound this guitar makes mixed with the full body resonance creates a sound worthy of any folk artists guitar collection.

Having been lucky enough to trial this guitar out within the first week of its release, I can honestly say that it sits in the same league as any Martin or Taylor and with a price of just under £800, I would highly recommend this to anyone considering entering the folk or country scene.

This guitars features include;

  • Maple Body and Sides
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Spruce Top
  • Fishman GTI Pick-up

Martin 000RS1 Road Series (£830)

Another Martin makes it’s way on to my Top 5 with the Road Series 000RS1, what amazes me most about this guitar is how well built and designed it is. Every inch of this guitar has been perfectly made for the best sound quality Martin can achieve for under £1000. This guitar is priced around £830 which is incredible for what you get with it.

This solid sapele guitars looks are so pleasing on the eye and that’s what makes this guitar so appealing within the entry to mid level market. Having played one of these a few years back, I remember the neck shape and fret placement being perfect for fast past folk/country style picking with a really smooth and easy feel to it.

This guitars features include;

  • Solid Sapele Back and Sides
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Fishman Sonitone Pick-up
  • Satin Finish

Takamine EF261S-AN (£920)

This beautiful deep cutaway Takamine has stormed it’s way on to my list with dashing looks and an incredible sound. Despite being the most expensive of the 5 guitars, priced at £920, this guitar really is worth every penny with a head turning dark cedar wood top and antique satin finish. The EF261S-AN is very well priced amongst the prestigious Takamine brand and despite being under £1000 it lives up to everything you hear about Takamine’s.

I was lucky enough to borrow one of these this year for a recording session with a few other folk guitarist’s and everyone just wanted one of there own, its definitely a guitar to be proud of, a guitar collection isn’t complete without a Takamine and this is the one for mine.

This guitars features include;

  • Solid Cedar Top
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Takamine CTB4-II Pick Up
  • Deep Cutaway Deisgn