Sonos enter the wireless headphone market with an impressive entry that has a unique trick up its sleeve, but their app is another story.

Earlier in the week, Sonos promised they’d be revealing their “most requested product ever”. Now, here it is in the form of their first pair of Bluetooth headphones. Sonos Ace is here and they’re a powerhouse set of cans with a $450 price tag.

The headphones offer what you’d expect at the price point with noise-cancelling features, high-fidelity audio, and lossless audio over Bluetooth. Of course, they need to do something special and they do have a unique feature that may sway Sonos users on the fence about Ace.

Sonos Ace has been designed to work perfectly as a home cinema headset. They can connect to a Sonos soundbar to allow you to switch the audio into your headphones with a click. The soundbar can recreate the acoustics of your room whilst Ace tracks your head to create an authentic sound. The idea is that it recreates home cinema audio but allows you to keep it quietly within your headphones.

The feature works with films, TV shows, and video games for a powerful TV audio experience. The spatial audio functions also work with music. The feature will come first to iOS devices and then to Android. Whilst Sonos Ace works fantastically with their soundbars, you can’t link it to your home speakers as with other Sonos devices.

The launch has been somewhat hindered by a recent, disastrous app update. A redesign to the Sonos app (which may have been made to work with Ace better) has drawn the ire of the internet. The update seemed to remove a number of core features and some users even reported that they could no longer use the app with their devices.

Sonos put out a Reddit thread acknowledging users’ complaints. In it, they included a roadmap for updates to the app including removed features like the sleep timer.

Whilst the Sonos Ace may be their most requested product ever, fans may be turned off from investing whilst the controversial app update remains unfixed.

Sonos Ace is estimated to ship on the 5th June and costs $450/£449. Click here to preorder a pair.