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At RouteNote we approve all kinds of genres and styles. Even if you don’t see an appropriate genre from the dropdown box when uploading your release, just pick which best suits and our moderation team will let you know if any adjustments need to be made.

The only kinds of releases we do not accept are:

  • Audiobook content
  • Text/scripture excerpts
  • Speech (without backing music)
  • Podcasts
  • Advertisements/Reviews
  • Loops (identical loop repeated with no variation whatsoever)
  • Sample Packs
  • Excerpts from tracks/previews
  • Ringtones
  • ‘Non-profit’ releases

Some stores have some exceptions to certain types of release. The following release are allowed on RouteNote, but certain stores must be excluded:

  • Binaural, Frequency Healing, Meditation, Field Recordings, MIDI, Computer Generated ClassicaliTunes, Facebook/Instagram and YouTube Content ID must be unticked
  • ASMR, White NoiseiTunes, Facebook, YouTube Content ID, Shazam and Gracenote must be unticked

RouteNote have many great features designed to help you maximise your growth online.

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How music distribution has changed

Music distribution has shifted in the past decade for the benefit of independent artists and labels. RouteNote are leading this transition.