Spotify for Artists are expanding their features, giving artists more ways to dive inside their stats and see how their songs make an impact.

Spotify have shared a new feature coming to all artists this week. It will allow artists to check the performance of their releases side-by-side to compare how they performed from their first release, seeing which of their releases has the most impact.

The new Compare button allows artists to look at the stats of two songs or releases adjacent to each other. This empowers artists with more ways to see how their music performs when it first releases and to discover if certain releases gained more traction when they first released.

Spotify for Artists’ comparison view allows users to:

  1. compare the first 7 days, first 28 days, and first 12 months of a song or release against the others in an artist’s catalog. 
  2. compare the streams, listeners, playlist adds, streams per listener and saves for each song or release.  
  3. compare data by specific market by selecting the country drop down. 

As the feature releases this week, users can look out for the button. It will appear at the top of song and release pages on Spotify for Artists on the desktop website. When you click on the button, an overlay will appear allowing you to choose the releases you want to compare with each other.

The feature sadly won’t be coming to mobile any time soon.

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