Playfair Audio’s Dynamic Grading is an alternative to compressors

How would we control auidio dynamics if compressors were never invented? Well, PLayfair Audio seems to answer that question with their debut plugin Dynamic Grading.

3 free DAWs for professional recording, beat making and producing

Making music has long been expensive, and that’s before you even touch a microphone. But free DAWs are changing that. As they become more feature rich, free DAWs for beginners are becoming more and more professional.

Output Movement is on sale for £41 at Thomann

Movement is a multi-effects plugin that distinguished Output has a major plugin developer. Now you can get it for just £41!

Technivation T-Compressor: multiple compressors in one with four compressor modes

Techivation launches T-Compressor, an easy-to-use serial compression plugin with multiple compressor modes for your music productions.

Cableguys Kickstart 2: Sidechain your tracks with ease

Sidechaining in music production is like butter to bread. From ducking bass when a kick triggers or more creative sidechaining, you’ll find the technique in every song – especially in EDM. Cableguys Kickstart 2 is here to simplify that process.

Softube Transient Shaper: get it for less than £10 at Plugin Boutique

Get Softube Transient Shaper for £8.28 until May 1st on Plugin Boutique – save £65.45!

Waves Nx Germano Studios New York: emulate the acoustic space of Studio 1

Bring the acoustics of one of the world’s most renowned control rooms to your headphones with the latest plugin by Waves. Nx Germano Studios New York is an all-new plugin that emulates the precise acoustic control inside your headphones as if you were at Studio 1 in New York!

UAD Spark: Experience the legendary sound of Universal Audio

UAD Spark is here democratize the vintage plugin market and put premium plugins from names like Neve, Moog, Studer, API, and Lexiconin in as many hands as possible.

Glitchmachines Cataract 2.0: a “segmented multiplexer” for complex sound design

Glitchmachines Cateract 1.0 is a unique sample slicing plugin. Cateract 2.0, a “segmented multiplexer”, presents a range of editing tools for complex sound design.

Ableton Microtuner: Access the spaces between semitones

Ableton Live users with an interest in space between spaces can rejoice! Microtuner is a free Max For Live plugin allowing you to go beyond regular tuning. With the Microtuner MIDI device, we can explore the world of microtonal scales!