Infinite Space Piano is a free plugin that adds textures to your keys, perfect for ambient sounds

The plugin is based on an acoustic piano, combined with textures, to surround the environment and fill the space.

Fire is a free, open-source multi-band distortion plugin

Fire from Wings Music features multiple distortion functions under four categories: Soft Clipping, Hard Clipping, Foldback and Other.

A new, free, simple and lightweight noise gate plugin from DSPplug

Its straightforward controls and UI make denoising your audio recordings easy, while keeping all of the dynamics.

FunkBass is a free sample-based virtual instrument for pop, EDM, funk soul, R&B and more

With its synthy feel, this easy-to-use, new VST plugin from Audiolatry really shines in funky electronic music.

Sienna Bass is a free acoustic bass guitar plugin

Inject your next single with authentic sounding acoustic bass sounds, using Sound Magic’s free Sienna Bass VST2 plugin.

Three free plugins – a multiband distortion tool, a sample replacement tool and a notetaker

Soifer Sound’s three free VST plugins: TripleDrive, SampleSwap and Notes, hope to improve and streamline your next big hit.

This free plugin injects your music with ambience

Suited to all types of music production, Ambience Enhancer Lite from NovoNotes fits your sound to a particular setting or mood.

All of the sounds, synths, samplers and effects you need for $9.99/month with KOMPLETE NOW

KOMPLETE NOW from Native Instruments is loaded with tools and constantly updated for an affordable monthly cost.

Drop Designer is a free sample player instrument patch for Kontakt

Drop Designer from Skybox Audio is packed with fun multi-fx presets and quick sound shaping features to make samples your own.

MIDI Tape Recorder is a free Mac, iPhone and iPad plugin that takes a different approach towards MIDI recording

Uwyn’s new MIDI Tape Recorder records and plays back performances with the same accuracy and precision as audio recordings.