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Movement is a multi-effects plugin that distinguished Output has a major plugin developer. Now you can get it for just £41!

Output Movement is on sale for its lowest price ever a £41, reports Gear News. The plugin has a fun and interactive approach that allows you to insert multiple creative effects into your channels. At this price, it’s very hard to say no to such a quality plugin.

Output Movement

As we said, Output Movement is a multi-effects plugin. Inside the plugin, you can combine both effects and modulation and create motion and rhythms for your sounds. Movement features four modulation sources – sidechain, flux, LFO, and step modulation – and two effects engines. Additionally, it’s a pretty easy plugin to get to grips with and create a range of effects synchronised to your tempo.

Each engine features four individual effect slots where you can insert creative effects like a delay, distortion, and a filter in addition to more practical effects like an EQ and compressor. Whatsmore is the selection of over 300 presets that empower you to jump right in.

Output Movement has an easy to use drag & drop interface. All you need do is drag a modulation source onto a destination parameter – and that’s it. Its X/Y pad allows you to automate between different effects at once and morph the results too!

Honestly, for £41 we think Movement is too good to say no to. It’s hours of fun and full of creative inspiration.

Features and functions:

  • Adds rhythms to every input signal in real-time
  • More than 300 presets
  • Modulation of any parameters with each rhythm in real-time
  • Rhythmic modulations via sidechain, LFO and step sequencer
  • Flux and Randomizer
  • Sidechain modulation of arbitrary parameters
  • Effects like Filter, EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb and Distortion
  • XY pad

System requirements

Output Movement is compatible with Windows 7+ and macOS 10.7+. The plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. As of yet, Output doesn’t offer M1 native compatibility with any of its plugins.

Finally, the free Output Hub application is where you can take care of all online authorization. And if you want to try it before you buy there is a free demo version that you can download from the Output website.

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