Ableton Microtuner: Access the spaces between semitones

Ableton Live users with an interest in space between spaces can rejoice! Microtuner is a free Max For Live plugin allowing you to go beyond regular tuning. With the Microtuner MIDI device, we can explore the world of microtonal scales!

Talkie Box 3: The sound of walkie talkies, telephones and radios in your music

Hip hop producers in particular love to feature vocal adlibs in their music. There is something to be said for the vintage feel that vocals can acquire when they sound like they’re coming through a telephone, right? Bring that vocal feel to your music with Talkie Box 3!

Surge XT is a free, open-source hybrid synthesizer

Surge XT features many synthesis techniques, including a selection of filters, a flexible modulation engine, effects and more.

Add some chilled melodic vibes with this free lo-fi piano plugin

LOFI KEYS is a small upright piano and digital keyboard plugin from Clark Audio that’s perfect for beginner and professional producers.

Create rich, ambient soundscape, or ethereal, gritty, glitchy textures with this free granular delay FX processor

Break your sample down, then randomize or modulate the playback with Emergence v0.3, to get something truly unique.

This free plugin checks your track’s mono compatibility and more

Updated to version 3, Panipulator from Boz Digital Labs tests your music “across various less-than-ideal playback systems”.

This free drum machine is loaded with 40 kits perfect for hip-hop, trap, pop, lo-fi and EDM

Drum8 from Audiolatry and Cool WAV is a free, sample-based, virtual instrument plugin with 320 drum sounds in total.

How to get the exact sound of Philip Glass’s piano in your DAW for free

Glass Piano is a free VST instrument that’s recorded from composer and pianist Philip Glass’s baby grand at his home in New York City.

Trigger 2 Free lets you replace, augment and fix drum recordings

Trigger 2 Free is the never-expiring, free demo of Trigger 2 Platinum, the drum replacement tool from Steven Slate Drums.

This free sampler has 30 abstract pads for ambient and new age music or even film scores

Abstract Crystal Pads from SampleScience is loaded with royalty-free samples, from soft, shimmering hums, to large orchestral pads.