Humble Bundle is back with another bundle of goodies for music makers including thousands of sounds and a wicked synth.

Humble Bundle have teamed up with sound-makers to offer the Level Up Remix bundle. For as little as $1 you can get thousands of high quality loops and a massive VST synth plugin.

If you’re willing to chip in a little more then there is even more on offer, including a full version of Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio to start creating with. The top bundle also comes with a bunch of over synth and keyboard plugins. as well as a bunch of amazing one-shots and loops.

For just $1 you get a full version of the Polymode synthesizer from Cherry Audio. This massive synth is based upon the classic Moog Polymoog synthesizer and offers a world of potential in sound and customization.

Just in time for Halloween, a dollar donation also gets you a pack full of Hollywood Horror samples to spook up your beats. This frightening pack is full of intense string sounds, scary howls, and tense piano loops.

On a lighter note, there’s the Paradise Mid Tempo EDM pack full of awesome drum samples and powerful dance loops. Summer may be another 6 months away but with this pack you’ll have the sun shining out of your DAW in no time.

A dollar also gets you these packs of loops from Soundtrack Loops:

  • DnB Synths
  • Funk Drums
  • Funk Lounge
  • Paradise Mid Tempo EDM
  • Soul Trip

For a little bit extra you get even more loops and samples as well as Cherry Audio’s DCO-106 Synth and the Pianissimo Grand PIano. The top bundle includes many more plugins and packs as well as a full license for Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio.

What’s more is your payment goes towards charity. With this bundle, every purchase puts money towards Music Will. Music Will are the largest nonprofit music program in the US public school system. They help provide access to music for students around the country.

Head to the Humble Bundle site here to find out more about the bundle and make the most of this bargain to build your library with.