How to get my music on South Korea’s Vibe

Add your music to one of South Korea’s largest music service Vibe with RouteNote.

How do music distribution deals work

No complicated contracts or signing away the rights and money to major labels. With RouteNote, we’ve simplified the entire process.

Is RouteNote Free?

RouteNote is a free and easy way to distribute your music to a variety of platforms.

Music distribution for independent labels explained

2021 is the era of the independent record label, and it’s never been easier to distribute music for free.

How can I distribute music for free?

With RouteNote, free distribution is easy, as well as several other key tools for independent artists and labels.

A Firm That Uses AI To Insert Brands Music Videos Partner With Red Light Management and B-Unique Records

The Mirriad firm that uses artificial intelligence to digitally place products and brands into films, TV shows, and more recently music videos, has launched a new division called the Music Alliance.

Why Do Artists Release on Multiple Labels on a Track by Track Basis?

There is a trend with artists now starting to release on a track by track basis with record labels – instead of being signed and then getting fixed to release a set amount of albums…

Why isn’t the Napster Music Streaming Service Available on DistroKid?

Distrokid has a limited number of store partners across the world as it has always focused purely on specific stores. However, RouteNote allows artists to add their music to Napster for Free (even if they…

Music distribution for $5 a month – Is it worth it?

UnitedMasters’ invite-only platform offer artists two models, ‘free’ very limited music distribution and SELECT’s $59.99 per year option.