The file types that you can upload to RouteNote for free music distribution to the world’s top services.

You can upload your music to all of the biggest digital music stores for free with RouteNote. Simply create a free account, log in and head to ‘Create a new release’ to upload your music for distribution worldwide.

Your audio must be formatted in stereo as a FLAC or MP3 file. This must be at 320kbps/16 bit and the sample rate should be 44.1kHz.

We cannot accept WAV files or any other audio formats other than the ones mentioned above. If your audio isn’t in the correct format, you can use our free file conversion tools at RouteNote Convert.

If your music is in WAV you can easily convert it to MP3 or FLAC on RouteNote Convert so that your music is ready for upload to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and many more.