How to upload a song to Spotify

Getting your music onto Spotify is super easy with RouteNote and more importantly FREE!

Why are artists wanting to be signed to a DIY label?

As the popularity of DIY labels continues to expand so does their roster, so why are artists wanting to be signed to a DIY label?

RouteNote takes an ‘artist-first’ approach to music distribution

RouteNote puts the full control of where and how music is shared around the world firmly in the hands of the artist.

Free distribution to Apple Music HiFi

With the recent announcement of lossless audio coming to Apple Music for free, we wanted to remind you that you can distribute your music to the streaming platform, in HiFi quality for free with RouteNote.

Free Unlimited Music Distribution With RouteNote

Distribute your music with us at RouteNote with no limits and for FREE.

How to get my music on South Korea’s Vibe

Add your music to one of South Korea’s largest music service Vibe with RouteNote.

How do music distribution deals work

No complicated contracts or signing away the rights and money to major labels. With RouteNote, we’ve simplified the entire process.

Is RouteNote Free?

RouteNote is a free and easy way to distribute your music to a variety of platforms.

Music distribution for independent labels explained

2021 is the era of the independent record label, and it’s never been easier to distribute music for free.

How can I distribute music for free?

With RouteNote, free distribution is easy, as well as several other key tools for independent artists and labels.