Ditto offer music distribution across stores, however their pricing can be expensive, especially for labels with multiple artists.

Ditto help independent artists and labels distribute their music to stores, streaming services and social media platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Pandora and TikTok, but miss some key partners such as Qobuz and CapCut, as well as Asian stores Zing MP3, LINE MUSIC and Kanjian. RouteNote distribute to all of the above stores, free of charge.

Ditto also offers a number of other tools for artists such as SmartLinks and pre-saves. RouteNote’s partner PUSH.fm can help you create a free landing page for all stores with Smart Links and Pre-saves.

Since we last checked, Ditto has quietly increased the price of their Pro and Labels tiers, from $29 and $69 per year to the following.


Ditto have three pricing tiers:

  • Artist: $19 per year – 1 artist
  • Pro: $59 per year – 2 artists
  • Labels: $89 per year – 5 artists
  • Labels: $139 per year – 10 artists
  • Labels: $179 per year – 15 artists
  • Labels: $219 per year – 20 artists
  • Labels: $269 per year – 30 artists
  • Labels: $319 per year – 40 artists

With no free option, these models can be restrictive for artists just starting out limited budgets. Allowing a maximum of 40 artists for a whopping $319, their Label tier can lead to very high costs for those managing potentially hundreds of artists.


RouteNote has three tiers designed to suit artists of all sizes. Changing tiers between Free and Premium per release can be done at any point and is as easy as clicking a switch.

  • Free: no fees, unlimited artists and songs – artist keeps 85% of the revenue
  • Premium: fee per release, plus $9.99 annually – artist keeps 100% of the revenue
  • All Access: custom pricing – artist keeps 100% of the revenue

Our free model is loved by those just starting out, with absolutely no fees for unlimited uploads from an unlimited number of artists. This cannot be matched by Ditto Music.

RouteNote offers plenty of additional features to artists regardless of the tier they’re on. Features like publishing royalties, YouTube Content ID, compilation releases and keeping music online even if a payment is missed, are all available to Free users. These features are only available to Pro and Label subscribers at Ditto.

RouteNote provides artists of all sizes with competitive pricing and powerful tools to help you stand out from the crowd. Click here to get started.