Stream your favourite tunes on the road with Spotify now in Cadillacs

Streaming music on the road is getting easier all the time and Cadillac owners can now stream from Spotify straight from their cars.

Spotify have announced their latest partnership with Cadillac cars for seamless music streaming wherever you’re going. Spotify can now be downloaded on Cadillac’s in-built infotainment systems so you can stream unlimited music on the road without the need for any devices or connections.

Once logged in to a Spotify Premium account on the Cadillac system users can stream music using the car’s 4G LTE connection. The interface should be immediately recognisable with five screen icons at the top to easily navigate through: Home, Recently Played, Library, Browse, and Mini Player. All the music users love can be found in their car including their own library and personalised playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

The app has also been designed to work especially for driving so that it can offer recommendations to perfectly soundtrack your drive. The app will recommend music for going on a road trip, soundtracks to your commute, tunes to head bang with your buddies and more.

Spotify’s senior manager of automotive business development, Jonathan Tarlton said: “Cadillac has been an amazing partner to make it easier and safer for Spotify users to listen to music in the car. We love the innovation we are seeing with Cadillac’s entertainment systems and are excited to bring personalised on demand music to more Spotify lovers on the road.”

Cadillac’s in-vehicle apps manager, Mike Miller added: “Cadillac has a long history of innovation, from the electric starter in 1912, to Super Cruise, the world’s first hands-free driving system for the freeway. The Spotify in-vehicle app is another example of purposeful innovation that makes our customers’ drives more enjoyable.”

Cadillac joins other manufacturers including Volvo and Tesla to integrate Spotify into their in-built entertainment systems. Unlike other car-makers however it seems that Cadillac won’t limit the integration and are rolling it out to every car with an in-built infotainment system.

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