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Volvo are integrating Spotify into their cars so that music streaming is a native feature when driving Volvo cars.

Spotify integration isn’t a new addition to modern cars, music streaming has been available through smartphone integration and CarPlay systems but Volvo are making a first by integrating Spotify natively into the car’s system. Spotify will now come pre-installed in all Volvo Sensus user interfaces.

Senior Vice President of Marketing Sales and Service at Volvo, Björn Annwall said: “Anyone that has used Spotify knows how great it is – you have access to your favourite music, all the time. We are very proud of our unique and custom-made interface for Spotify.”

The integration is intended to make streaming music easier than ever in your car providing “a much richer experience and a search functionality that non-native applications cannot deliver “. The app is accessed using tablet-like screens of Sensus however Spotify Connect integration means you can still use your smartphone like a remote control, without draining it’s battery streaming.

You will require a Premium Spotify subscription to play music using the native app a 30 day free trial is available for new users. Native Spotify integration will launch globally in new Volvo cars, starting with the Volvo XC90, S90 and V90 this Spring.