8tracks have integrated with Spotify to keep the music you discover with you whenever you want to listen to it.

Internet radio service 8tracks have partnered with Spotify to integrate the two services. When you’re listening to a stream on 8tracks and discover something you like you can now add it to your Spotify straight from the app into a playlist called ‘8tracks Discoveries’.

8tracks CEO and founder David Porter said: “Spotify offers the ultimate version of a record store, giving access to nearly every track ever recorded, anytime, anywhere. But the trick is finding the stuff that’s just right for you. On 8tracks, nearly 1m DJs actively curate playlists, introducing more listeners to both familiar and lesser-known, independent artists. We complement the algorithmic playlisting on Spotify with a curated touch that spans every imaginable style, for any time and place.”

Saving songs to 8tracks discoveries is as simple as opening the 8tracks mobile app then tap the star on the bottom right to get a prompt to connect your Spotify account. Once linked they will automatically create the ‘8tracks discoveries’ playlist where any songs you star on the app will be sent.

8tracks Spotify playlist mobile music streaming radio discovery

Porter also said: “Radio has always been the way people discover music – listeners get turned onto new artists they come to love and then buy their music to tune in whenever they want. Even with the rapid advance of technology, this path is no less true today than it was 30 years ago.”

In his release statement Porter also goes on to discuss what else is round the corner for 8tracks. They are working on integrating into Alexa so that listeners can tell Amazon Echo what they want to listen to using 8tracks user-created tags, like: Alexa, play me happy shower music with Journey and Michael Jackson.”

8tracks are also getting ready to earn some funding through crowdfunder WeFunder to directly support and promote their growth and introduce new integrations and features.