Spotify’s new playlist ‘Noteable Releases’ shines a light on the songwriters behind your favorite hits

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‘Noteable Releases’ is a new playlist from Spotify that highlights the underappreciated songwriters and producers behind the biggest hits.

Behind many of the biggest hits around the world are a team of passionate songwriters and producers that help the artist realise their vision behind-the-scenes. These songwriters and producers are often overlooked, but deserve their time to shine. Equally, sometimes the artist themselves are writing and producing their own music, which is also something that should be recognised.

Launched in February earlier this year, Spotify’s Noteable is a website dedicated to these talented songwriters, producers and publishers behind some of the biggest tracks around the world. Noteable is designed to help the songwriter community find Songwriter Pages, Written By playlists (which you can find by searching “written by [name]”), Spotify’s on-platform Songwriters Hub, educational video series, Spotify’s Created by Women playlist and more. New playlists and offerings are always being added. Spotify hopes Noteable will help creators connect with each other, hone their craft and explore best-in-class tips. Bringing the content on Noteable and these behind-the-scenes creators to the forefront, Spotify are launching a new flagship playlist: Noteable Releases.

Launched on Spotify last week, Noteable Releases will be updated every Friday with a selection of some of the best recent work from songwriters and producers around the world. The playlist also includes many pop hits written with top songwriters as a way to recognise and highlight the songwriters and producers behind the tracks. Fans can go deeper behind the scenes through Spotify Clips, as the playlist features videos from top songwriters including Finneas O’Connell, Autumn Rowe and Jack Antonoff.

Check the cards below from Spotify to discover some of the names and faces behind some of your favourite tracks.

Image Credit: Spotify
Image Credit: Spotify
Image Credit: Spotify
Image Credit: Spotify
Image Credit: Spotify

You can find the songwriter credits on any song on Spotify by following these steps.

  1. Select the song you’re curious about.
  2. Click or tap the three dots to the far right of the track to open the menu.
  3. Select “Show credits.”
  4. A pop-up will display on your screen listing the performer(s), writer(s), and producer(s).
  5. Some credits are hyperlinked on desktop or appear with a chevron symbol (>) on mobile. Click on the hyperlink or chevron to check out their songwriter pages or complete discographies.
  6. Hit the “X” to close.

Stream the playlist below and check back every Friday to discover the latest additions.

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