Image Credit: LyricFind

LyricFind is rolling out a service for rightsholders and labels that generates lyric videos for free, initially partnering with eOne music.

Lyric licensing service LyricFind has announced the launch of a new automated tool to create lyric videos. The free service is capable of creating thousands of lyric videos in mere minutes.

Lyric videos are hugely popular on YouTube after making their beginning as fan-made videos, as fans delved into the lyrics of their favourite songs. LyricFind says that using its tool, rightsholders and labels can now get lyric videos for whole catalogues generated at once.

As a company LyricFind provides lyrics for platforms like Google and Pandora, with licenses from over 55,000 lyric catalogues from publishers and the big three major labels Sony, Universal and Warner.

How does LyricFind’s lyric video generator tool work?

LyricFind uses proprietary technology to automatically generate a custom video. The video will sync accurately word by word or line by line, with translations in seven languages, and custom background images and videos available. Parameters make sure that the video matches the genre and mood of the song.

The idea is rightsholders can use the tool to instantly create music videos for new songs and for back catalogue songs without a visual accompaniment, creating an instant extra form of revenue for artists. The company hopes to introduce a self-service platform soon.

LyricFind is launching the tool with eMusic as an initial partner, with eMusic’s label Death Row Records releasing its first videos. Death Row Records artists include Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre – check out “From Adam” from The Game’s The Documentary 2.0 album, generated using LyricFind:

Darryl Ballantyne, CEO and co-founder of LyricFind said: “Lyric videos are a key way for fans to interact with their favourite artists’ tracks. They enable music lovers to connect more powerfully with the music. This new lyric video service is part of our mission to create innovative ways for labels and rightsholders to use lyrics to benefit their business and for artists to raise their profile and connect with fans – and generate revenue.

“We have an extensive catalogue of amazing recordings, and this tool has allowed us to unlock the revenue potential of these tracks, which would have been extremely costly and time consuming without LyricFind’s system. Already the results have blown away our expectations.”

In exchange for the free service LyricFind shares in the revenue generated, to an undisclosed amount.