The CEO of Universal Music earned more in 2021 than all the sales and streams of UK songwriters combined

UMG boss Lucian Grainge is due a $201 million payday – more than the total income of all UK songwriters and composers put together.

Track and manage your music credit statistics with Muso.AI

Free app Muso.AI allows music professionals and businesses to view and manage all of their music credits in one place.

Spotify’s new playlist ‘Noteable Releases’ shines a light on the songwriters behind your favorite hits

‘Noteable Releases’ is a new playlist from Spotify that highlights the underappreciated songwriters and producers behind the biggest hits.

YouTube have paid over $4 billion to the music industry in the past 12 months

YouTube says they’ve paid more than $4 billion to artists, songwriters and rights-holders over the past 12 months.

Top songwriters for artists including Ariana Grande demand fair credit for writing hits

Why should artists get paid for songs they didn’t even write? The Pact, a group of US songwriters, is fighting back.

Apple Music follow Spotify’s lead in highlighing songwriters with ‘Behind the Songs’

‘Behind the Songs’ is the new hub, full of radio shows, playlists and video series, showcasing songwriters, producers and session musicians.

Rocket Songs offers music artists tracks from the world’s best songwriters with new online hub

Take your pick of hidden gems from some of the top music industry songwriters, publishers, and producers on new online music marketplace Rocket Songs.

This online AI tool writes lyrics from your keywords

Keyword2lyrics is a new free site that generates custom song lyrics from your random keywords using artificial intelligence. A fun tool to play with if you’re struggling with quarantine creativity. Head to keyword2lyrics to give…

How Spotify are bringing attention to the people behind the music as well as the artists

With the digital equivalent of liner notes and artist pages just for songwriters, Spotify’s Head of Songwriter and Publishing Relations talks spotlighting the creatives behind the music. It’s easy to look at an artist, the…

Best free apps for songwriters

Whether it’s just a simple hook that comes from nowhere or you want to write out an entire project, these apps should help any aspiring songwriters stay creative on the go. We’ve previously given out…