There are over 615 million plus users on Spotify, but their latest initiative ‘My Spotify’ is made to spotlight everyone’s personal tastes.

Since music has been made, we have identified a part of ourselves within the music that we like. In the age of streaming, there is more potential to discover and attach ourselves to music than ever before. With the whole world’s music a click away, our tastes are more unique than ever.

Spotify want to celebrate this diversity by highlighting individuals with My Spotify. A new ad-campaign will also bring new app spotlights to highlight that “every one of our 615 million-plus users has their own tailed experience on Spotify.

Spotify will start presenting listeners with home page banners and personalised messages which reveal a little something about their unique listening habits. The screens are personal and will come with buttons to start streaming a highlighted artist, DJ Mix, or another personalised playlist.

My Spotify will start appearing in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand first over the next few weeks. Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Spotify, Marc Hazan said: “Our goal is to capture those hyper-personal moments that occur when fans use Spotify. With our products and features, we strive to connect fans with the audio they love in a way that can’t be found anywhere else.”

To spread the message of embracing our personal tastes, Spotify are working with a number of personalities and celebs to highlight their unique music choices. This includes actor Ewen Bremner, artist and designer Carly Mark, power publicist Gia Kuan, and footballers for FC Barcelona Lucy Bronze, Sama Paralluelo, and Alejandro Balde.

Hazan continues: “Spotify’s world-class personalization is at the heart of this campaign, celebrating the unique relationship between each listener and their Spotify.” Each year, we see the huge cultural influence of Spotify wrapped. The annual event celebrates listener’s unique year in music and is a celebration of each user’s personal habits.

Spotify Wrapped gets bigger each year, with huge advertising banners and social media washouts from users sharing their personal cards. Spotify are clearly looking at how they can summon the excitement of Wrapped at other times of the year.

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