Spotify Videos Now Released On Android and iOS

Spotify have launched their long teased video channel for their iOS and Android applications.

As reported earlier this week Spotify video content has launched. Spotify’s new shows feature content from the BBC, Adult Swim, MTV, Comedy Central, Vice News, Ted Talks, NBC and more. Once your Spotify app is updated you just need to head to browse and then select Shows from which you can browse the available channels and view featured content.

At the moment video content consists mostly of snippets like clips from certain talk shows, comedy skits and news clips. There is also some feature length content such as selected documentaries from Vice as well as certain shows like Robot Chicken which feature full length episodes.

Spotify Shows also integrates podcasts, something Spotify have been slowly introducing into their service for the past few months. From the Shows screen you can choose to browse either Video or Audio (podcasts). From the Shows page you can choose from categories Lifestyle, Storytellers, Tech & Gaming, Society & Culture, News, Learn Something, Comedy, Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, and Science & Nature each of which, when selected, lets you choose between Audio and Video for that category.

Currently Spotify videos are mobile-only with no word on when or if we may see a desktop release and for the moment Videos are hidden behind their selection tab with the focus remaining on music streaming. Stay tuned for any more news on Spotify’s new video content and check it out for yourself right now on your smartphones.

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