Spotify have announced their new Chief Content Officer who will now be heading all of their content partnerships in music, audio, and video.

Dawn Ostroff joins the Spotify team as their new Chief Content Officer to take charge of all of the music streaming service’s partnerships. Ostroff brings with her years of experience in television in film as Spotify and other music streamers start looking into video production and content.

Ostroff will join Spotify’s New York Office on the 1st August after co-founding Condé Nast in 2011 and serving as their President of Entertainment where she managed film, TV and digital products from the brand’s many renowned entertainment publications. Condé Nast CEO Bob Sauerberg praised Ostroff and her impact on their video content, saying: “I am extremely proud of what Dawn and the team at CNE have accomplished and we are in a great position to continue this growth trajectory long into the future.”

Ostroff’s experience and impact in video content is likely a big factor in her appeal to Spotify as they look towards the future of their service. Spotify have had a patchy history with videos, releasing an entire video section for their service in 2016 that offered short cartoons, news clips and various other programming.

They have also explored original programming but didn’t get very far. A recent foray into video saw Spotify try exclusive video artwork for certain releases, though this seems to be in testing only for the moment. Recently they launched The Game Plan, a video series which shows artists how to get the most out of being on Spotify.

Condé Nast CEO, Bob Sauerberg said in his full statement:

“It is with mixed emotions I share the news that Dawn Ostroff, President of CNE, will be leaving at the end of July to take on a new role as global chief content officer for Spotify.

I first talked to Dawn back in 2011 about joining Condé Nast to establish our video business when it was no more than an idea we sketched on my white board. In short order, she built Condé Nast Entertainment, a thriving digital and social video business that reaches an average of 50 million unique viewers, generating more than 1.1 billion views per month, and a burgeoning TV and film studio.

Simply put, our video business is one of the most important assets to our company’s future, recognized by our audiences and advertising partners alike. It is the fastest growing revenue stream here at Condé Nast and we are committed to tripling it in the next few years. I am extremely proud of what Dawn and the team at CNE have accomplished and we are in a great position to continue this growth trajectory long into the future.

Sahar Elhabashi, the chief operating officer, will serve as interim head of CNE and lead our video strategy until we name Dawn’s replacement.

Please join me in both congratulating Dawn on her new global role at Spotify and thanking her for the innumerable contributions she made to Condé Nast. You can read more about Dawn’s new role here.