Spotify Video Reported To Launch This Week

We will be seeing video in Spotify sometime this week as Spotify VP of product says “We are at the end of a journey of testing”.

In a report by Wall Street Journal it has been revealed that Spotify, the worlds largest streaming service, are launching video content this week. It will be introduced first onto their Android app and then on iOS by the end of next week in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden.

According to Spotify’s vice president of product, Shiva Rajaraman, testing has taken place over several months with less than 10% of users in their launch countries. Apparently the majority of content will be short clips, although some companies will be developing original and music-themed series just for Spotify.

Rajaraman said to WSJ: “We are the end of a journey of testing. We are going out effectively as planned. Our goal was largely to get a wide breadth of content and experiment and test. Obviously our primary user is a music fan, and they are not necessarily leaning in and looking into the app – So there are no particular recipes for how to get this right.”

According to Rajaraman their testing has shown that the most successful video content is contextually themed, based on a users music tastes or videos they’ve watched that are related to music. Reportedly Disney’s international network Maker Studios’ ‘Epic Rap Battles’ videos were an example of well-received content in early tests.

According to the report Spotify aren’t yet launching video content for profit, currently videos won’t feature advertisements. At launch Spotify aim to use video content to enhance their already impressive host of features and to appeal to new users.

Shiva Rajaraman finished by saying: “This is fundamentally about giving music fans what they want. We are doing fine on monetisation. This is primarily a demand play.”

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