Spotify update collaborative playlists to make adding friends easier

Spotify make is easier to add collaborators and see who contributed which tracks.

As the lockdown continues to affect many aspects of the music industry, Spotify are making efforts to help bring music and podcast listeners together via streaming, such as the Group Session feature added earlier this year that allows users to listen together in real time.

Collaborative playlists have been around for some time now and are a great way to share music and podcasts between a friends, or create a playlist for the office or party that suits all tastes.

Now, Spotify are updating their apps to make creating collaborative playlists easier than ever. The new Add User button in the playlist header makes inviting contributors just a tap away. There’s a new list in the playlist header that shows the avatars of those adding songs. Finally, user avatars will also show in front of each track or episode added, making identifying who added Darude – Sandstorm easier.

It’s easy to get started with collaborative playlists.

  1. Head to the app on your mobile of tablet
  2. Tap Your Library
  3. Then Playlists under Music
  4. Tap any of your playlists or create a new one
  5. Find the new Add User button in the header to make the playlist collaborative
  6. Invite friends by sharing the playlist on social media, messaging apps or copy the link.

It seems the update is currently in the process of rolling out as the new feature is on one of two phones tested.

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