Spotify rolling out Ad Studio to 22 markets globally

Spotify’s Ad Studio giving advertisers more in-depth insight, rolls out to more countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Launched in 2017, Ad Studio uses Spotify’s data on tastes to target audio ads to listeners of similar artists, and provides artists/labels with data regarding how listeners respond, as well as new geo-targeting tools.

Users of Ad Studio can submit a script and within 48 hours Spotify will turn it into an audio advert with voiceover and background music.

Ad Studio recently came out of beta and expanded from Australia, Canada, UK and US to 22 markets globally. The service above remains only available to select advertisers in English, but Spotify hope to support Spanish later this year.

This comes at a time where Spotify are attempting to generate new revenue from ads which currently only make up for 10% of the companies overall profit.

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