Find out who’s clicking on your Spotify ads

Spotify want advertisers to know how people are reacting to their ads with additions to their Ad Studio.

In 2017 Spotify launched the Ad Studio, a platform for advertisers to target fans using Spotify’s data on tastes to find fans of similar artists to advertise to. For a minimum of $250 advertisers can acquire a 30 second audio ad.

Spotify have added new streaming conversion metrics to allow artists and labels to track how listeners respond when they’re presented with their ads. It shows how many people listened to the music after hearing the advert, does it connect with new and recent listeners, and how many people saved the music to their library or playlists following the ad.

Jimmy Brunetti, vice president of marketing at Croshal Entertainment Group for independent labels, said: “This is the reporting we’ve been wanting to see. I really like how it gives us an indication about how our ads drive deeper actions. That’s promising for an artist, especially newer artists with room to grow.”

Digital marketing manager at Independent label Yep Roc Records, Mariah Czap said: “Spotify Ad Studio helps us discover new fans for our artists and encourage passive fans to become more active. With the new reporting, it’s really exciting that we can now see how listeners are taking action even after they hear an ad. The new metrics give us a deeper understanding of how our campaigns are performing and how they have an impact far beyond a click.”

In a statement Spotify wrote: “We love hearing these types of success stories from artist teams who use Spotify to turn casual listeners into devoted fans – the fans who end up at the front row of your shows, buy your merch, and eagerly share your music with friends and followers. Ad Studio is just another tool to help support what you do best: create music that has the ability to touch hearts around the world.”

You can head to Ad Studio now to learn more about setting up a campaign and to view your new stats as member of an artist team with access permission:

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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