Pioneer’s leading DJ software has teamed up with Dropbox so you can easily pack your mixes up and find them again wherever you are.

Rekordbox is a favourite of DJs who turn to computers to sort their setlist and manage their mixing. It’s a free offering from Pioneer making great DJ software accessible for all with subscription options for more features and benefits.

Pioneer have now added cloud storage from Dropbox synced in to their software. With cloud syncing from Dropbox, Rekordbox users can easily hop from one device to another and keep their work, library, and mixes in the flow.

Users will need a Dropbox account – which can be created free – and a subscription to the new Rekordbox Creative offering. With syncing everything will be carried over including cue points and playlists so you’re never caught short to get on the mix.

For iOS users, they can wirelessly transfer their Rekordbox libary using Mobile Library Sync to transfer between desktop and mobiles if they’re on the same network. Unfortunately this feature isn’t available on Android (yet!).

Pioneer have added 3 subscription plans for their DJing software. Free offers limited computer use of the program. Core subscriptions ($7 a month) let users use any supported DJ equipment. Then Creative adds cloud sync,r remix effects and sampler sequence saves and costs $10 a month until July 13th when it rises to $15 monthly. There is also a 30 day free trial.

The Rekordbox team said: “Like all of our friends in the music community, we look forwards to being united once again on the dancefloor. Until then, to help you prepare, practice and perform from your home, we’d like to announce that Rekordbox 6.0 and Rekordbox for iOS is now available.”

Check out all of the new features with Rekordbox 6.0 here.