Spotify reveal they paid out over $5 billion to rights holders in 2020 and more stats from their Stream On event

Here are all the latest artist, podcaster and listener statistics announced at Spotify Stream On event yesterday.

Among new tools for creators and listeners, yesterday’s Spotify Stream On event saw the announcement of their launch in over 80 new countries, the new lossless audio tier – Spotify HiFi, a podcast advertising marketplace – Spotify Audience Network, as well as a new podcast from Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen.

The event also saw special appearances from both established and emerging creators and storytellers all over the world, including J Balvin, Jemele Hill, Khalid, BLACKPINK, FINNEAS and Billie Eilish, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Ava DuVernay, Halsey, Lauv, Lous and the Yakuza, Brené Brown, Bruce Springsteen, and President Barack Obama. Justin Bieber performed to close out the show with a special never-before-heard version of his track “Lonely”.

Here are all of the impressive statistics from Stream On, demonstating how Spotify are helping creators around the world succeed:

  • Over 70 million tracks
  • 4.5 billion playlists
  • More than 2 million podcasts
  • Eight million creators
  • More than $5 billion paid out to rights holders in 2020 
  • 57,000 artists represent 90 percent of monthly streams on the platform (quadrupled in just six years)
  • Over the last four years, the number of recording artists whose catalogues generated more than  $1M+ a year across recording and publishing is up over 82% to more than 800 artists.
  • The number of recording artists whose catalogues generated more than $100,000 a year is up 79% over the last four years to more than 7,500 artists.

Spotify also announced updated features to give listeners a better experience:

  • Expanding Daily Mix: New mixes based on the artists, genres and decades you’ve been loving lately—that update every day and learn as you listen. Listeners can be on the lookout for the playlists in the months ahead. 
  • Testing Podcast Topic Search: The feature, which enables listeners to search for podcasts by theme and topic, is currently being tested in the U.S., with plans to roll out to more locations this year.

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