Spotify’s huge Stream On event has given us a lot to be excited about for the music service including all they have planned next for artist.

Spotify have revealed a bunch of exciting new developments in their huge Stream On event. They announced they will be launching in over 80 new markets, they’re bringing a brand new high quality streaming tier, and so much more.

Here we’ll be looking at all of their announcements for what is coming for artists and labels in 2021 on Spotify.

Short Form Videos

Ever thought that what Spotify is really missing is a TikTok integration? No? Well, with Spotify Clips they will be bringing new ways for artists to share short video moments with fans – whether you like it or not! It will provide a great way for artists to connect with their fans directly in the platform, telling them about new releases, updating on live shows, recording, and more.

High Definition Streaming

Listeners will be able to sign up to a CD quality, lossless streaming tier with Spotify HiFi later this year. The new offering will provide listeners with a chance to hear their favourite artists as they’re supposed to be heard and will – in theory- also provide artists with extra income thanks to the higher subscription rates of HiFi streaming.

New Listeners Around the World

Spotify have announced a huge expansion that will bring their platform to 85 new markets in total and 36 new languages. Each new market that Spotify is available in increases the chances that artists will get heard and earn from their music.

More Artist Highlights

Spotify will be expanding their RADAR program around the world. RADAR has been highlighting rising artists and promoting them in unique playlists and placements.

Get Discovered On Your Own Terms

The beta of Discovery Mode will be spreading to more labels in 2021 this year. The tool allows artist teams to add their voice into how Spotify uses their algorithm to recommend the tracks that they are managing.

Smart Marketing for More Countries

Spotify’s in-built promotion tool Marquee is launching in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK. Marquee allows artists and labels to promote their music on Spotify and use Spotify’s taste profiles to advertise to the audiences that are most likely to connect with their music.

Spotify for Artists, In More Languages

Spotify’s artist platform for real-time analytics, playlist pitching, profile customisation, and more is coming to 25 new languages in 2021.