No complicated contracts or signing away the rights and money to major labels. With RouteNote, we’ve simplified the entire process.

Traditionally, getting your music out into the world would require getting discovered by a major label and likely signing away control of your own music to a third-party. RouteNote’s music distribution is free, simple and available to all artists around the world. Within days, we can publish your music to all major digital stores and streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL and many more.

Simply upload your tracks to RouteNote, enter the metadata such as titles and album art, choose the digital stores and countries you want to share you music to, then choose between RouteNote Free and RouteNote Premium. RouteNote Free has no fees or recurring costs, artists keep 85% of the revenue generated. RouteNote Premium costs a small fee and annual cost, artists keep 100% of the revenue generated. Smaller artists love our Free option, while established artists with larger audiences love our Premium model. Ensuring artists always stay in control of their music, you can switch any release between Free and Premium at any time. Once you’ve sent us you music, our moderation team will get to work ensuring everything’s looking and sounding great before pushing it to our partner services. The entire process usually takes around a week or two.

On top of music distribution, we also offer many other features to help independent artists grow their audience and earn revenue online, such as social media monetization on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and TikTok, as well as free promotional tools on our partner site Artists always keep 100% of the rights to their music.