Listen together while apart with Spotify Group Sessions

Spotify Group Session is getting an update to allow multiple listeners to tune into the same playlist or podcast, rather than simply control the music.

Still in beta, Spotify first launched Group Session back in May earlier this year. This allowed multiple Premium users to queue and control music on one host device, by simply scanning the phone. Perfect for house parties, where there is one device hooked up to the sound system.

The new update to Group Session adds support for multiple devices to be listening at the same time, as well as controlling the music/podcast. This works whether you’re next to each other or opposite sides of the world, and supports 2-5 listeners.

It seems Spotify are still rolling out this aspect of Group Session, as it’s not present on either of the two Spotify Premium accounts I tested. Spotify say, simply head to the play screen, tap the Connect button in the bottom left corner, then scroll down to “Start a group session” and share the invite link in a message, on social media, or by having your friend scan your Spotify code if they’re next to you.

Similarly to Group Session previously, anyone can play, pause, skip and queue tracks. This will be reflected on all devices.

Note, Group Session is still in beta, so experiences may vary and new features may be added over time.

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