Spotify may start putting on concerts: Here’s why they could be perfect

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With new rumours suggesting that Spotify are looking at getting into live music, Spotify could well pave the way for a new way for artists to gig around the world.

Spotify‘s artist platform Spotify for Artists has offered artists an insight into where they can find their top fans for years. From the Audience section of Spotify’s analytics platform, artists can take a deep dive into exactly who their fans are as well as where new listeners are coming from. This isn’t just interesting, it is potentially game-changing information for artists, their managers, and labels.

Spotify is one of the biggest sources of music listening in the entire world. These statistics offer artists one of the broadest and accurate insights into who their audience is. This is such incredible information as it empowers artists and their teams with some of the most vital data needed for where to promote and more importantly; where to play live!

Which brings us to the latest news, a report suggesting that Spotify want to start putting on their very own concerts. A new article from The Information suggests that the music streaming service is looking into virtual and live concerts. If the rumours are true, it makes so much sense for them to pursue it.

Spotify have long hosted a Concerts section on artist pages where they can feature their upcoming events. This was even built to show users specifically when artists they like were playing near them. Combined with their analytics showing hotspots of artist’s audiences, Spotify have the toolset to find the best places to play, market them to specific audiences, and even offer tickets all through their existing platform.

Whilst it seems that any plans at the moment may be one off virtual concerts, like their pre-recorded shows earlier this year with The Black Keys and Leon Bridges. According to The Information, the response to those events ‘validated’ their decision to look into events moreso. The potential for Spotify concerts in a post-COVID world is, I truly believe, huge.

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