Spotify Marquee increases streams on older releases by 3x

Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify’s sponsored recommendations not only boost the streams of your promoted release, but also impact other releases from your catalog.

Spotify Marquee is the streaming service’s full-screen, pop-up recommendations for new releases to Free and Premium listeners who have previously shown interest in an artist. Spotify have previously reported that Marquee can help drive a release. “Listeners who see a Marquee are more than 2x as likely to save a track or add it to their personal playlists for future listening than if they hadn’t seen the Marquee.” In what Spotify are calling a halo effect for an artist’s entire body of work, Spotify says that people who see and stream a promoted Marquee release are three times more likely to stream the artist’s other releases.

The update from Spotify comes from a study of over 400 campaigns. Spotify says they are also providing artist teams with more details on how audiences engage with other releases. Spotify for Artists will show the number of listeners, streams, playlist adds and saves across releases, not just the promoted release.

  • New insight: In a recent study, we’ve seen that Marquee listeners are 3x more likely to stream the artist’s other releases. These listeners wouldn’t have engaged with older music if it wasn’t for Marquee. 
  • New reporting metrics: Given what we’ve seen above, we’re improving reporting to show how people who saw a Marquee and streamed the promoted release went on to engage with the artist’s other music. Next time that customers run a campaign, they will receive these new metrics in their reporting (e.g. “Campaigns” tab in Spotify for Artists > “Results”). Stats include total number of listeners who streamed other releases, their saves and playlist adds from these releases, and their average number of streams.
Image Credit: Spotify

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