Image credit: Samuel Regan-Asante

Spotify are opening up new potential for brands and artists to connect with their brand new Creative Lab agency.

Spotify have announced the launched of their first in-house creative agency. Their Creative Lab will empower relationships with companies to provide unique marketing opportunities, that will presumably team artists up with brands.

It seems like it might be an expansion of Spotify AUX, the music streaming service’s agency launched earlier this year. With AUX, Spotify created unique partnerships between artists and brands to use music in their marketing campaigns. Creative Lab seems to expand the opportunities on offer with AI tools and unique promotions built inside their apps.

Spotify have revealed their new tool ‘Quick Audio’ which can be used to rapidly produce scripts and voiceovers using generative AI. The tool is designed to allow brands to create snappy advertisements in moments, based on successful advertising it has learned from. The tool will launch in Spotify Ads Managers soon, a spokesperson says.

The spokesperson wrote: “Every campaign Creative Lab touches is highly customized to each specific brand and business need.” They plan to help brands produce video and audio advertisements, provide in-app digital experiences, and call-to-action cards, as well as more to come.

Spotify have teamed up with Rockstar Energy Drink to show how their Creative Lab can serve brands. Together, they launched a livestreamed concert series called “Press Play” featuring Stormzy and other artists. Aperol will reportedly be another of Spotify’s clients.

Artists can get discovered and heard on Spotify. With your music on Spotify, you not only reach a global audience of listeners but have the potential for your music to be picked up by brands for huge marketing potential. Spotify AUX is creating unique connections between music and advertisements.

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