Spotify’s new in-house agency brings together artists with brands for partnerships that spotlight artists and give brands great music.

Spotify have just announced their new, in-house music advisory agency AUX. They want to connect the artists that they get to know so well on their platform with brands to create unique connections for promotion and advertising.

They wish to act as advisors to brands, connecting them with unique and trending music choices for use in their advertising. Likewise, they wish to spotlight and promote artists with deals that put their tracks in front of millions more listeners through brands’ content. Spotify state: “With AUX, we’ll use our deep expertise to counsel brands about how best to use music to enrich their campaigns and connect them with emerging artist to help them reach new audiences.”

Few curators are better tipped than Spotify’s to recognise the music that is up-and-coming and making waves with people. Their library and data offer them a unique insight into what music is making an impact but not necessarily big enough to have been discovered by the world. Through AUX, they will allow brands to define musical trends.

How Spotify connected a DJ with Coca-Cola

Spotify’s first AUX campaign saw them work with one of the world’s most recognisable brands: Coca-Cola. For their new Coke Studio campaign, they hooked them up with Peggy Gou; a producer/DJ and vocalist from Berlin. Following the hype of Peggy Gou’s summer single ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana‘, Spotify saw the potential of her grooves to go large.

Now Peggy Gou and Coca-Cola have a long-term partnership that will see them work together on live concerts and events, social media content, a branded playlist, and on-platform promotional support. The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Head of Music & Culture Marketing, Joshua Burke said: “This is a natural progression of our long-standing partnership with Spotify and marks a key milestone for our commitment to artists and the music community.”

Here’s what Spotify AUX offers artists:

  • Exposure: Gain visibility through brand campaigns, live events, and curated playlists.
  • Funding: Collaborate with brands for financial support and career progression.
  • Creative Collaborations: Work with established brands to bring your music to life in exciting ways.

Vice president and Head of Music Content at Spotify, Jeremy Elrich explains: “Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and create a profound connection with listeners and consumers. In a world where cutting through the noise via traditional advertising methods is becoming harder, using the influence and relevance of music culture makes sense.”

Elrich continues: “Music is arguably the most influential part of culture, as it’s embedded in nearly every corner of our society. Simply put, a distinctive music strategy creates an authentic relationship that sets a brand apart from its competitors.”

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