What kind of music do the members of Capitol Hill all listen to? Spotify are here to answer that question for you with the playlist of Congress members.

We’ve already had Spotify playlists from the White House by President Obama and the First Lady Michelle. Now Spotify have gathered 7 Senators and 13 Representatives from Congress and gotten them each to create a playlist showcasing their music tastes.

There’s an interesting range of music; for example did you know that the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan likes Metallica and Beastie Boys? Or that Joe Crowley, House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair, enjoys a bit of ‘Call Me Maybe‘ when not helping keep the US afloat. Perhaps appropriately, Queen and David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’ appears a few times through the playlists.

If there’s one thing music is great at it’s breaking down boundaries and bringing people together. These playlists are an insight to the tastes of these members of government but also a reminder that as humans we go beyond our political affiliations. As Spotify say: “Despite their political leanings or what state they represent in Congress, their love for music is universal.”

Hear their playlists for yourself below, just click on your desired Senator or Representative: