Apple Share Trailer For Exciting New Docuseries ‘1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything’

The eight-part docuseries will explore the musicians and soundtracks that shaped 1971, premieres May 21st on Apple TV+.

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer resigns just three months after joining the company

After leaving Disney+ as Head of Streaming in May, Kevin Mayer was appointed CEO of TikTok. Three months later, Mayer cited political reasons for his departure. Kevin Mayer took the role at TikTok in May….

Mick Jagger unleashes his first ever solo tracks, inspired by Brexit

The Rolling Stones front-man has separated himself from the band for the first time in 55 years covering Britain’s vulnerability and “lunatic” leaders. At the age of 74, 55 years after forming the legendary rock…

The Grammy Awards 2017: Adele beats everyone (again) whilst praising Beyoncé

After the tumultuous 12 months that have just passed the Grammy’s were always going to provide some political outrage but, whilst it felt like some ground was broken, the awards themselves remain much the same….

This ballot box is actually a drum machine of political samples

The US elections are becoming almost unbearable to live through, so artist/professor Mike Richison decided to transform this vintage voting machine into a beat maker. Using an old hole-punch Votomatic voting machine Mike Richison has…

Spotify Got Congress To Make Playlists Of Their Fave Tracks

What kind of music do the members of Capitol Hill all listen to? Spotify are here to answer that question for you with the playlist of Congress members. We’ve already had Spotify playlists from the…