Play With Elizabeth Rose In Google Play’s Interactive Music Video

Google are at it again. The prolific innovators have worked with Australian artist Elizabeth Rose to create an interactive music video for her new single.

This isn’t the first interactive music video, or even the first by Google, but they are still rare enough that a new one is always welcome. The way you interact with the video however is often unique to that video. In Google Play’s new collaboration with Elizabeth Rose they let you interact with elements inside the video and “play with her emotions”.

Google Play Australia’s Marketing Manager, Sophie Hirst spoke about it’s inception: “Aussie artist Elizabeth Rose loves it when fans remix and play with her music. So, to celebrate the launch of her new single ‘Playing With Fire’, we got together with her to explore ‘what if fans could actually play with Playing With Fire, as well?’ The idea for a mobile interactive music video was born. The song is about a crazy range of emotions you feel in a relationship. By tapping, swiping and tilting your phone during the video, you can mess with her emotions, make her cry and even slice her in half.”

You can also use your mouse to play with the video in browsers. It’s not the most sophisticated interactivity you’ve ever seen but it’s not supposed to example the tech and rather provide a unique and fun enhancement to Rose’s new music video, which it achieves. The track and video also features the great Australian rapper Remi.

In an email statement Rose says that the way you can play with her emotions throughout the video is all deliberate, saying: “We didn’t just squash the music and technology together. We melded it, so fans can interact with the meaning of the song, not just the visuals.”

You can watch a short making of/preview below or head here to watch the full video (It will work on most mobile devices and desktops however may not on your device).


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