Spotify have launched a new mini-site that tells you which Game of Thrones character you would be based on your music taste.

In celebration of season six of Game of Thrones coming soon Spotify have launched a new “mini-site”. Sign into your Spotify profile on the mini-site and they’ll analyse your music listening to tell you which character you align with and even give you a playlist to suit.

Of course there’s no real way to tell, I mean Game of Thrones is set before the entirety of Spotify’s library of music… in a fantasy world. According to an article by Verge they found that pop-punk music tastes matched you with Bran Stark. Meanwhile “shimmer pop” apparently links up with Daenerys Targaryen – (that might make sense to those who watch the show but personally leaves me confused, mainly over the pronunciation of her name).

This isn’t the first time Spotify have linked you up with characters from a popular franchise. In December Spotify launched the same initiative for Star Wars The Force Awakens so you could come to terms with the fact that your music taste puts you in the dark side – that’s what you get for listening to Britney Spears.

Try it for yourself and find out which GoT character you represent through music here: